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Cara Delevingne is humbly making millions as a Professional Goof

Cara Delevingne is the new Kate Moss of 2015. At 22 years old, Cara has landed contracts with Topshop, John Hardy, Babydoll cosmetics, Burberry, Mulberry, Black Orchid and has become the face of H&M and Chanel. She has strutted in designer outfits in the most prestigious shows, including Victoria’s secret, in which she got a high-five from her friend, Taylor Swift, and Marc Jacobs. She has graced the covers of Vogue countless times.

Her fame has earned her a huge fan base, which shows in her 2 million twitter and 9 million instagram followers. She’s immensely popular with top designers and businesses, too. Mulberry even organized a bag and clutch line in her honour. Many designers have given doting quotes to magazines which praise her charm, infectious energy, personality and talent.

Besides an army of adoring fans and a bunch of leading business figures at her fingertips, Cara also has a record number of A-list besties- who include Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian.

Cara’s fame comes with fortune. Miss Delevingne earned an average of £6500 a day in 2014, which resulted in £2.4 million for the year. As Cara plans to expand her career into music and acting roles, and has signed more super contract deals, it is obvious that her salary will not be winding down any time soon.

Ariana was the belle of the ball at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards

Ariana Grande at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in a beautiful Versace white gown.
Ariana Grande at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards in a beautiful Versace white gown.

Ariana, in my opinion, won best dressed at the 57th Annual Grammy awards when she wore the Versace gown and matching silver accessories, as shown above.

Firstly, the pure shade of white complimented her tanned skin tone beautifully. The Versace gown had a large slit up the leg and cut-outs at the back, which were just enough to give the look some edge whilst keeping that touch of class.

 The fit of a dress is crucial and Ariana’s gown was indeed fitted to perfection. A little excess of fabric, freedom in the train and breathing space below the neckline gave the dress enough looseness for Ariana to look respectable. However, a slightly clinched waist and a strap around her torso allowed the dress to compliment her pocket body shape.


Furthermore, the entire outfit was brought together excellently by the use of accessories. Every component was well coordinated by a feminine, simplistic style and white and silver shades- from the natural makeup, to the pale nails, to the clutch, to the sparkling jewellery to he signature, white, block high heels.

One up to Ariana Grande!